Bluboo Dual Unboxing: Double Vision

Bluboo’s been playing it pretty stable these past few years. With some fairly average devices backed by some good prices, they’ve managed to stay relevant for quite a long time. Recently however, the company seems to have become more inspired to make interesting devices. Or at least follow the current trends.

Enter the Bluboo Dual, Bluboo’s attempt at a dual camera device after the popularity of similar devices. It’s one of their more ambitious devices in recent memory right next to the Bluboo Edge. Curious, I agreed to review it to see what Bluboo has done with the concept.

So, is the Bluboo Dual an good and thoughtful new product with a smart implementation of an interesting feature, or is it merely just a gimmicky device? Read on to see my first impressions of the device.

Bluboo Dual: Unboxing

The Bluboo Dual comes in a svelte black box that looks premium and expensive. It’s a big difference compared to their earlier box designs, and it’s quite the improvement too. The box feels solid and tough with enough strength to not get squashed by my hands squeezing it.

On the front we get the simple Bluboo logo, along with the ‘Beyond your life!’ tagline, leaving it simple and understated. The rear features some simple specs, and mine comes with a sample sticker, which is pretty funny.

Opening the box reveals the Bluboo Dual itself, and digging further reveals a pair of el cheapo earphones, a micro-USB cable, the power adapter, the sim ejector pin and an instruction booklet. Unfortunately, the folds on the inside are plain white, which I honestly feel should’ve been black to mesh with the box.

Unfortunately, there’s no case included in the box, which is a bummer. Most devices I test these days come with some sort of silicon case, so it’s somewhat disappointing to see there being none. Anywho, let’s move on the the meat of the story, the device itself.

Bluboo Dual: First Impressions

There’s not really any elegant way to say this, the Bluboo Dual looks almost exactly like a Rose Gold iPhone 7 Plus. The subtle rounded edges, the dual camera placement, the antennae design, it’s all reminiscent of Apple’s big mobile device. As a result, it’s a relatively good looking device, though quite lacking in terms of originality.

In terms of build quality, the Bluboo Dual feels decent. It’s not shoddily built in any way and it’s honestly pretty well put together, but it lacks that solid, premium feel that many phones aspire to achieve. Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find a phone with that quality in the same price tag, but it’s they are becoming more frequent.

The display quality of the Bluboo Dual is actually very good, almost astonishingly so too. The colors are vibrant and natural, while images and text are crispy. This also extends to the viewing angles, which are reminiscent of much more expensive devices. Bluboo’s managed to get a pretty good panel here.

Camera performance so far has been… Kind of lackluster honestly. If you take your time to catch an image and fiddle around in the settings you can get some real good photos. But just straight out the box speed shooting isn’t something this phone does well. Of course, that’s just an early impression, digging through more settings should yield some interesting results.

Now general performance here definitely takes the back seat to the rest of the specs, which is a shame. I’m still buggering around searching for a more powerful phone setting, but for now it’s not optimal. The device definitely has the potential, it’s just needs a lot more polishing to shine.

For now, I’ll wrap it up right about here. If you’ve any questions you’d like to ask for the full review, feel free to ask them down below. I read every comment and I’ll be answering all of them in the Q and A section of the full review. So until the full review, have a nice day.

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