Eye-tracking enabled ZTE Hawkeye Kickstarter could be cancelled after all

A few days back, we reported about a certain upcoming phone that caught our attention — the ZTE Hawkeye. The phone seemed to do a lot right, and with a price tag of $199, seemed like the perfect mid-range contender in the making.

However, like many other crowdsourced projects, the Hawkeye is in jeopardy. ZTE might just pull the plug on the project, seemingly to replace it with another. Given how things have panned out, we’re not quite sure if that is the way ahead.

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ZTE admitted that they goofed up with the crowdsourced campaign. Backers have been asking for a device more powerful — and in their version of the story, the eye-tracking, dual camera, etc. features don’t cut it yet. What backers want is another ‘flagship killer’. To be very honest, the phone — on paper, that is — looked like a device worthy of $199 for certain.

News currently is that ZTE will be taking another look at the specs of the device in order to make it more ‘high-end’, and essentially replace it with another phone (and thus, another crowdfunding campaign). However, given how crowdsourcing works and considering that ZTE still wish to keep the device as affordable as possible, you might not get a phone that’ll challenge the next OnePlus in line.

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