MGCOOL celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Flash Sale on their products

Valentine’s Day MGCOOL Band 2

MGCOOL are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bunch of products in a flash sale for the romantic period. Let’s have a look at their offerings.


Below are the deals that MGCOOL will have running.

MGCOOL Band 2 – “All for wellness”

Valentine’s Day MGCOOL Band 2

The MGCOOL Band 2 is a fitness band with a 0.66″ OLED display and many neat features, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and step counter. The band is also rated IP67 waterproof and it’s made of a skin-friendly material.

If you’re interested in the Band 2, you can get it here for $19.99.

MGCOOL EXPLORER – “Experience a different world”

Valentine’s Day 2 MGCOOL explorer

The MGCOOL EXPLORER is a very budget friendly action camera. It can record high quality 4K videos at 15fps, albeit you’re probably better off shooting 2.7K (2688 x 1520) at 30fps.

The camera has a 2-inch screen on the back and features WiFi connectivity to sync it with your smartphone. The EXPLORER action cam can be found here for $49.99.

MGCOOL ELITE – “Dare to be”

Valentine’s Day MGCOOL elite

If you’re more serious about your videos quality, then the MGCOOL ELITE is a nice upgrade over the Explorer. This one can shoot 4K videos at 24fps and 720p at 120fps (great for slow motion) thanks to its more powerful NTK96660 chipset.

Also the MGCOOL Elite features a 2-inch screen and WiFi connectivity up to 50 meters. The camera is on sale now for $61.99 over at Gearbest.

MGCOOL CAM360 – “Different world in dual lens”

Valentine’s Day MGCOOL cam 360

The MGCOOL CAM360 is a 360-degree video recording camera with its dual lens setup. Both 220° view cameras can indeed record 1920 x 960P that will then stitched up to a whole 360-degree VR-looking footage.

The camera does feature WiFi and packs a big 1500mAh battery. If you’re into new trends or you’d like to try recording 360-degree videos, the MGCOOL CAM360 is a very entry level camera in this category.

In occasion of Valentine’s Day its price has dropped to $99.99.

Which deal do you guys find more interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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