Xiaomi to launch smart home products on February 14 but they are not romantic

Xiaomi is all set to announce two new smart home products on February 14. The new launches will be Xiaomi’s 60th and 61st smart home products and the launch will coincide with Valentine’s Day although there is no indication that the products will be in any way romantic.

The new home products were announced on Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo. Teaser images indicate that the company will launch a smart guitar and a wristwatch for children.

Xiaomi smart guitar

Xiaomi’s image caption seems to indicate that the smart guitar will teach beginners to play the guitar “in just 10 minutes” and become complete masters “in a matter of months”.

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The smart guitar will teach beginners to play the guitar in just 10 minutes and become complete masters in a matter of months

It will most likely use electronic aids like LEDs and a connected app to keep track of progress. Regardless of the techniques employed, we are eager to see how this device will work.

Xiaomi smart watch

The wristwatch which comes equipped with GPS tracking and given the nature of the teaser image, it seems to be marketed towards children. “All-weather space-based radio and navigation system” is what the caption says. The tracking feature is definitely a seller but perhaps Xiaomi has added the basics of a smartwatch as well? We should all know by 10 AM tomorrow.

No details about pricing are currently available but we’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, here’s a list of five Xiaomi products that cost less than $50.

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  1. Zero
    February 13, 2017

    A guitar could be romantic… To sing a song to a girl/boy you like.