Upcoming Bluboo D1 will have dual-cameras both front and rear

Dual camera design is what moves the mobile world lately and the trend is apparently not only continuing, but intensifying. And seems like in the days to come the dual rear cameras are not going to be enough so pretty soon we should start seeing the phones with dual front cameras too.

Speculations, that major players like Samsung, Huawei or Vivo are already working on dual front camera models are quite rampant so it’s only logical that small players like Bluboo are trying to keep the pace. And with the new upcoming model Bluboo D1 it seems they are achieving just that.

Rear camera sensors of Bluboo D1 should offer quite some resolution, specifically 21 Mpix sensors with one focusing on the RGB capture while the other being monochromatic with a higher contrast. It’s also rumored that the rear cameras should have optical zoom and support 4K recording.

Front dual camera sensors are not being left out and with 16 Mpix resolution it should be pretty potent too and of course capable of the depth of field and bokeh effect. In addition the selfie cams should feature a special optimized “face-beauty” mode and wide-angle shots.

Keep in mind all the information above is still in the speculation column and we have seen some bombastic Bluboo leaks in the past that didn’t really pan out. But regardless Bluboo are working pretty fast on releasing the D1 model soon so we should expect more solid information to surface soon through their official website.

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