Xiaomi Mi 5C posts erratic scores on Geekbench. What is Xiaomi upto?

Xiaomi Mi 5C is in the news again. A few days ago we saw leaked images¬†of a sleek Mi 5C which featured no home button and a rumoured 5.5-inch screen.¬†This time the reports are about the smartphone’s Geekbench benchmark scores.

Xiaomi Mi 5c Benchmarks

The Geekbench database shows three recent entries for the Mi 5C. The latest entry was posted this morning and shows single and multi-core scores of 679 and 2421, respectively.

Feb20 Xiaomi Mi 5C Geekbench

Impressive as they may be, these figures are short of the scores posted just two days ago. The Geekbench database listing for February 18 shows a score of 762/3399 for single/multi-core performance.

Feb18 Xiaomi Mi 5C Geekbench

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Several factors can affect the outcome of a benchmark test, core temperature and battery level being two of them. Then of course there is the chance that Xiaomi is carrying out some last minute tweaking before revealing the final product.

Since the smartphone¬†hasn’t been officially announced, nothing is written in stone quite yet.

What we are fairly certain about is that the new entrant will sport 3GB of RAM and 64GB internal memory and run on Android Nougat (7.1.1).

Rumours also suggest that the Mi 5C will be the first smartphone launched by Xiaomi to feature their very own, homegrown Pinecone processor. The Mi 5C should use the Pinecone V670 which is expected to be an octa-core Cortex-A53 arrangement.

Snapdragon processors hover around the 840 mark on single-core Geekbench tests. Anything around 700 would be a respectable score for the first-gen Pinecone processors.

The Pinecone SoC is set to launch on February 28. The Mi 5C could follow soon thereafter (maybe even coincide).

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