Meet Gresso Meridian, the luxurious Nokia 3310 “killer”

It looks like Gresso – the well known luxury phone and accessory maker decided to pick up the glove from Nokia 3310 and just unveiled its own luxury version of how the ideal feature phone should really be. Meet Gresso Meridian, an impressive phone for all those wealthy customers who want a simple – yet luxurious feature phone to… “disconnect” with style.

gresso meridian

The super extravagant Meridian is available in two variants: one with “ultra-durable” Titanium body with a stainless steel keyboard, and a more prestigious black PVD titanium body with an 18k yellow gold keyboard! It supports GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth 3.0, and Micro USB slot and no, it doesn’t have any games pre installed. However it offers dual SIM support and a whopping 375 hours of standby time, but what’s impressive is the time it takes Gresso to build each model: 18 hours for every single one of them, but thankfully (for them) they will only build 999 units.

If you’re interested in buying it, make sure you have 3000$ left in your bank account.

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