MGCOOL Explorer 1S camera samples released

MGCOOL Explorer 1S camera samples released


MGCOOL has just released some photos taken with the recently launched MGCOOL Explorer 1S. How good can a $49 action camera look? Well, let’s find out!

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

The MGCOOL Explorer 1S is powered by a NT96660 chipset and Sony IMX078 image sensor. It can shoot 4K videos at 24fps and has a switchable FOV parameters: 70°, 110°, 140° and 170°.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL’s Explorer 1S is currently on a flash sale on Gearbest costing $49.99. Its price is relatively cheap considering it can shoot 4K videos and these camera samples don’t look too bad. We’re yet to see how the videos look, though.

Here are all the photo samples:

Learn more about the MGCOOL Explorer 1S over at MGCOOL’s official website.

What do you guys think about these camera samples? Drop a comment letting us know your opinion.

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  • NextHype

    washed colors + low contrast + too much noise = crap

  • willysson

    Wait? You and every other news source had been saying this was a Sony IMX078 (1/2.3″, 1.55micron) sensor, now all of a sudden it’s an IMX179 (1/3.2″, 1.4micron). Big difference. That explains the price.

    • I may have reported it wrong. It says Sony IMX078 everywhere else.

  • Virgilijus Glodenis

    Because these photos are from EXPLORER! You page administrators should have atleast a bit of knowledge to check the information. Youtube video (from which photos are) clearly shows the EXPLORER and not EXPLORER 1S camera.

  • Armando Jaleo

    It looks like a good result.

  • Jonathan dos Santos

    Frankly, it looks great.

  • Emi Geek

    I must see more photos for give my opinion.

  • Emilio Calvo

    Is Gearbest a Reliable Company?.

  • Julio Pedregosa


  • lYl

    It’s pollution or washed color ? o_O