Elephone promise Android 7.0 Nougat for the P9000… again.

Elephone P9000

If you like folklore, you will surely just love today’s news from Elephone. It’s concerning the “imminent release of fully completed Android 7.0 Nougat update” for their Elephone P9000 model… you know where it is headed.

First time we heard about the coming release of the update dates few months back followed by promises about release by the end of the year. A beta Nougat build indeed got released, but was plagued by variety of bugs and missing features so obviously nowhere near the finished state.

This was followed by few months of silence and fast forward to today, you can feast your eyes on the whole 15 seconds of yet another Nougat beta build running on P9000 which should finally be up to release soon.

Soon is still the keyword here, because while the official information talks about ironing out all the bugs and finally fixing the fingerprint sensor not working issue, the exact release date is still not fully set.

So all of you Elepone P9000 owners need to brace for even more waiting, hopefully not that long anymore though.

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