Tri-bezel-less Elephone S8 with 6.0-inch display hides under an iPhone 6 Plus

Tri-bezel-less Elephone S8 with 6.0-inch display hides under an iPhone 6 Plus


It appears as the upcoming Elephone S8 is more real than we would have thought. And Elephone are now comparing it to an iPhone 6 Plus; how will it fare? Let’s have a look!

Elephone S8

And there it is, an Elephone S8 with 6.0-inch display side by side with an iPhone featuring a 5.5-inch screen. We can see how both phones have a very similar overall footprint, meaning the bigger screen equipped Elephone S8 takes as much spaces as iPhone 6 Plus with its smaller display.

To make it even more obvious, the guys over at Elephone have placed the iPhone over the S8, completely hiding the phone (or at least they say so):

Elephone S8 over an iPhone 6 Plus- Or is it?

As we all know iPhone’s aren’t the kings of screen-to-body ratios but what Elephone managed to do with the S8 is still impressive.

Specs wise the phone will be powered by a MediaTek Helio X20, 4GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB of internal storage. Cameras will be 21MP on the back and 13MP on the front. The 6-inch display will have Full HD resolution and the handset will run Android 7.0 Nougat.

To know more about the Elephone S8 and other Elephone devices, check out the company’s products plan for 2017.

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  • netsurfer912

    That looks really impressive. I would be even happier to see this kind of device around a 4.7″ or smaller screen.

    • afghanPower

      Even a 5 inch screen with that ratio would have been acceptable.
      I really don’t get this obsession with giant screens that a lot of Chinese phone companies seem to have. For gods sake: please make a phone that is comfortable to hold!

      • Yeti hand

        sorry if you have little hand, I have no problem with my mediapad X2 or my mi max

        • cyril symbio

          sorry if you are an octopus

          • Yeti hand

            Sorry for having yeti hands 😛

            • cyril symbio

              ahah… ^^

      • cyril symbio

        that’s right. No need to carry an ipad in the pocket.

      • NextHype

        I don’t understand ppl willing to have a phone with a little screen when everything’s better on a bigger screen xD
        BTW, like I often say to my GF, learn to use both hands !

  • Muhammad Yasir

    question is , WILL IT LAUNCH ?

  • Yeti hand

    One day

  • Sam

    I will wait the Maze Alpha.

  • jimberkas

    i have no interest in this trend to tri-bezel-less design. the SG8 and LG G6 are looking good though, just the right amount of bezel