Giveaway: Win a free MGCOOL Explorer Pro!

Giveaway: Win a free MGCOOL Explorer Pro!

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

We’re back, and this time there’s an action camera up for grabs!

What we’re giving away to our readers today is the MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera. You can take home the prize by following the set of rules for participation mentioned below.

The MGCOOL Explorer Pro is an interesting yet affordable action camera that can serve many purposes. You can use one like you’d use a GoPro — on a helmet, on your dog; possibilities are endless — or slap one on your car’s RVM and have a ready dashcam.

It also comes with a 2 inch screen that makes it easy to use. Keep reading to know how you can participate.

Giveaway: Participate

MGCOOL Explorer Pro giveaway

Terms and conditions

  • The contest will run from 19th May to 25th May 2017 (GMT-08:00)
  • This contest is open to readers of GizChina worldwide
  • The prize will be shipped via Registered Post/EMS/DHL/FedEx
  • The winner will be responsible for any VAT/customs duties applicable
  • We will not be held responsible for lost/stolen shipments
  • We (GizChina/ reserve the rights to making changes to this contest and/or the rules
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  • Vitor Manuel Vieira

    Nice giving away!

  • cge_ingat

    It’s a great camera for such an affordable price! =)

  • Janis Banis

    looks like nice action camera.

  • ม.ร.วกิ๊ก ณ นิวยอร์ค

    sound good, let try.

  • Tom

    great camera

  • Conrad Aquilina

    Because I recently got a motorbike and our streets are crazy!

  • Adnan Popara

    I’m on my bike every day and I’d love an action camera to record some of my trips 😀


    I wanna win this coz, I love to click some cool adventure!

  • Boris Bmp

    I want to ride by bycicle and record nature around me

  • Andre Zahvataef

    great camera

  • Hamid Mehmood

    awesome giveaway.

  • Ruslan A. Eryemenkov

    Thank you very much for the opportunity! Nice action camera.

  • Kirill Timofeev

    Nice camera

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I want a MGCOOL Explorer Pro

  • Jean Carlos Concepcion

    great camera

  • Hania Balewicz

    I would like to win action camera to use during mountainbiking. Thanks!

    • I would love to use this with my my wheelchair. That is why I want one.

  • angela

    I want to use it on my motorcycle helmet

  • pfaftle

    So I could take some decent resolution/sounding footage of my daughters.

  • Arefin

    So I can capture memories from my trips in 4k 😀

  • David Scott

    I’d love to take it on holidays and capture my adventures! Looking to go white water rafting this time round, this camera could capture all the action 🙂

  • Give me please :3

  • makaraj

    To hiking.

  • Stefan Aldea


  • C. Jackson

    I am taking a trip to Patagonia, Chile and this would be a great camera to use.

  • Duarte Alves

    I am going on vacation, and it would be great to have the camera, capturing the great moments with the family, and sharing them with friends. 🙂

  • DarthBatman

    I would like to gift one to my brother. He would love it I am sure.

  • Андрей Зафатаев

    Nice camera

  • Paulo Isidro Pereira

    Because of the 2 inch screen

  • We We We

    nice camera i love it

  • Aleksandr Chernyy

    I need one for my mountain biking to analyse my runs

  • Antonia García

    to play in the beach

  • sebastian

    Snorkeling all the way 🙂

  • Zosia Samosia

    I want to win MGCOOL Explorer Pro to ski with it.

  • Peter Arndt

    Nice cam. Is somewhere a comparison video with a mobius?

  • Jay

    Never owned one, so this would be a good start

  • great product , i want to have it

  • István Kovács

    Great product, great giveaway.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    id like one so i can capture hiking

  • Debbie Snell

    I’d love a MGCOOL Explorer Pro because as a family we do a lot of fishing hiking camping diving surfing and taking quality footage makes memories last forever

  • babymharz

    To be able capture all our travel adventures with family and friends using the MGCOOL Explorer Pro. Memories are important to me.

  • Jim Gram

    Thank you for the opportunity

  • Già Diagwn

    My daughter would love one 🙂

  • XYZ009

    Capture all our travel adventures and to use it on my motorcycle helmet.

  • Badelhas

    I would love to catch the great moments I have with my daughter, when we go ride a bike

  • Piotr P Sushko

    nice camera

  • Alla Petrova

    nice action camera.

  • Alex Burn

    looks good

  • Николай Тимофеев

    Wow! I want!

  • Дмитро Швець

    nice camera

  • Sagar VK18

    I want it because i never used an action camera!

  • tony

    i travel a lot do would love an action camera especially from a great brand as mgcool!!

  • Chemy

    I want it because I’m a scuba diver and I also do a lot of outdoor activities and I lost my last camera 😉

  • Сергей Стецура

    Great action camera!

  • Raisa Pant

    Great product, great giveaway.

  • Maciej Lewandowski

    Nice & cheap action camera ?

  • Abdullah Azhar

    don’t have action cam and need to explorer under water/sea :3

  • Jennilyn Pardillo

    I love travel and as adventurous person, I want to capture all memories, all places I’ve been to.

  • Mikko Agbuya

    I need this to capture my travel moments

  • Nina Stetsura

    Wow! Nice camera!

  • Baruch Ben Michael

    I want because this is quality action camera

  • Eugene Sa


  • Bilal

    for vlogging my travel adventures !!

  • Николай Николаевич

    Great product

  • Alex Rabcof

    Nice cam

  • Bjørnar Berntsen

    in it to win it

  • karen

    I want the explorer pro because i love to take pictures

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    Thank you so much for the opportunity =)
    Want to win this to record my own adventures, my travels, the places I want to go.

  • Rohith Iyer

    I want to win this for documenting my travel vlogs – to explore more nature

  • Turcoianu Alina

    I want it because i never used an action camera ! 🙂

  • hieudn

    I’m a biker so it would be fun if I can record the street and places I go to with this action camera 🙂


    I want it because i never used an action camera !

  • Francisco Sanchez

    To record my bike routes

  • Francisco Perez

    Excelente sorteo

  • ha14

    Thanks for this contest, MGCOOL Explorer Pro can be used in all environments 🙂

  • Victor Mazo Zunzunegui

    I want it to use it on the mountain bike

  • Mery Saiz Lopez

    I want to record it when diving in the sea

  • Josefina Zunzunegui Garcia

    I want to record when to travel

  • Dan Valentin

    While biking, paragliding and snowboarding.

  • Michael Kristensen

    Everything 🙂 but especially some of the action going on around here

  • Edmond Leung

    To capture my niece growing up like birthday parties. Priceless. Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity.

  • Fonsi Lopez Gallo

    I want for Gift or my soon

  • Ricardo

    Because I need one to record my bike outings and my surfing days, I need one urgently, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kring Macky

    I want an MGCOOL Explorer Pro because it is a representation of what a balanced cost-benefit product is. Honestly, I’m not into those overpriced or hype-driven action cameras. Why not spend on something way more affordable but still has top-notch specs like that of MGCOOL’s Explorer Pro action camera instead of falling into a rip-off product?

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    It is a great camera to own. MGCOOL quality as a brand is attested to by her great products. This is one of them.

  • Nanthu Kannan

    I wish to win an Explorer Pro. Because I love to take pictures.

  • blurjoey

    Wish to win this great MgCool Explorer Pro to go on an adventure…

  • Aygyul Bensheeva


  • Кирилл Николаевич

    in it to win it

  • Angelo Batista

    Let me record my kitchen parkour!

  • Ignacio López

    Para grabar en la bicicleta

  • Alexey Petrov

    I’ll use it for skydiving!

  • Andreia Lopes

    Thank you so much 😀
    Want this wonderful camera to record every single thing I want with the highest quality and higher FPS I can.
    Especially when going on a road trip or on a bike, fun would be entirely guaranteed if I had this camera 😀

  • edwin

    because i don’t have any action camera

  • Mazé Castro

    this would be great for vacations!!!


    I recently became disabled and have taken up videoing and photography and find that it is very rewarding when you can capture those special displays of nature and human emotion.

  • Vasily Betin

    Because it’s gonna be cool device for using everywhere!

  • Albert

    how else am I gonna capture footage of Bigfoot?

  • Artur

    because it could be a such interesting experience

  • Dianne

    so I can share whatever I’m up to with my friends and family, whether it’s gazing out from Sydney harbour bridge or swearing when I drop the eggs on the floor whilst creating my latest masterpiece and everything else to, how amazing would that be, yeah!!!!! Thanks Yash!

  • Yliya Stetsura

    I want it because i never used an action camera!

  • Polina Anatolievna

    Great product

  • Adalbert Arkosi

    I don’t have an action camera, I may use it as a dash cam too

  • Paulo Isidro Pereira

    I want to record it when diving in the sea

  • rossya88

    I’d say the camera itself get 3.5/5, but the insanely low cost gets it bonus points. There are some great things this camera can do and, considering it’s the similar size of a GoPro, you could probably use a slew of attachments without having to worry about where they’re coming from. People have talked about the positives here so I wanted to point out a few common-sense problems that don’t have easily accessed solutions on Google 🙂

  • Kirill Tsimafeyeu

    Very nice!

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    I love travel. I want to capture all memories. So I wish to win.
    Thanks MGCOOL for this great chance.

  • Verochka Petroff

    I want this… because I want )))

  • Mikhail Azarov

    Always wanted an action cam.

  • Alozflito M

    ¡Suerte a todos! , gracias por el sorteo.

  • José

    Gracias particpo y suerte

  • Heinz Dundersztyc

    Becase would be nice to have something like this.

  • Robyn B.

    I would love to win this to be able to document all my trips to other countries and places that I visit.

  • Sihem Sihem

    great specifications

  • jaimie

    My go pro broken and this would be great!

  • wai man leung

    gift for my mom, entry pls

  • Crystal Porter

    I don’t own an action camera

  • Miguel Mena Piñeiro

    Of course I want it.

  • bader

    cool , this would be a good carcam :3

  • TecnoLocura

    Me apunto!

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I want to win the mgcool explorer pro because I wanted to give it as a gift to my father who loves adventure and I think this is what he needs in capturing breath taking videos and pictures while he’s on travel

  • ClickClick

    My husband wants this.

  • ayudaasusana