OnePlus 3/3T sales improved in China, Xiaomi beware

OnePlus 3T

Well this could mean trouble for Xiaomi I guess. Well known analyst Pan Jiutang, published earlier today in Weibo some numbers regarding the sales of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T models in China, now that the manufacturer is focusing on the promotion of their upcoming OnePlus 5 flagship model.

oneplus 3

According to the analyst, the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T models combined sold over 2.5 million devices in China only, having more sales than Xiaomi Mi5 for example and other relevant devices! Note that the two OnePlus models have been sold with price tags of 2500 yuan ($364), which is much higher that the prices of Xiaomi Mi5 (and other phones) in the Chinese market, costing 1999 yuan ($291) and 1799 yuan ($262) per average.

This means that people don’t really care about the price difference when they want to buy a phone – especially if they are sure it’s going to prove better than others. What is more important to buyers is the availability of a smartphone and in this factor it seems that Xiaomi is losing (again).

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