Fidget Spinner With Bluetooth Speakers?

What do you get when you combine this year’s must have with a Bluetooth speaker?

For reasons we can’t quite comprehend, Fidget Spinners are still proving to be the hot product of 2017. For those of you who haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of the Fidget Spinner, the latest fad to hit the world is basically a collection of fast rolling bearings that … you get it… spin!

I can’t quite see the fascination myself, but the makers of these products are seeing sales continue to grow to the point that we’re now seeing variations of your standard spinner.

A couple of Chinese brands have been innovative enough to take the humble fidget spinner and plug a little tech inside. We’ve found 3 such spinners that incorporate Bluetooth wireless speakers for example!

This (above) dark red ‘Spinner Speaker’ (also available in rose gold, white, gold, black and green) costs just £5.87 and is designed for outdoor use to provide music via connected Bluetooth device.

The 2w speaker also features LED lights, for creating patterns and a built in microphone so you could even take calls over the spinner too!

For just £4.61 you could opt for the Fidget Tri-Spinner also comes with LED lights, built in battery, and Bluetooth 4.0 but not listed with a microphone.

But if you really want that UFO look while listening to your music through the worlds skinniest speakers, then this wireless spinner speaker costs only £2.51. Check it out in action below;

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