MIUI for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 now rolling out [India]

Xiaomi’s Redmi series moves devices in rather big numbers in India, and it’s only fitting that Xiaomi gives regular updates to their users in the country.

The news is that the Chinese company is rolling out MIUI for the Redmi Note 4, which again happens to be a blockbuster smartphone in India.

The phone was announced a few months back in India. As stock, the device came with MIUI 8, and the update that is being rolled out measures a bit over a gig (1.3GB to be precise).

Like most other software updates OTA, this one too is being rolled out in a gradual manner. So if you haven’t received the update on your Redmi Note 4 yet, don’t panic and give it a few days at worst.

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A bunch of updates have been added, as you would expect. This includes separate lock setting for dual apps, among others.

Let us know if you own a Redmi Note 4 and what you think of this update.

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