Stunning Microwear X2 Sports Smartband hits the Market

Stunning Microwear X2 Sports Smartband hits the Market

Microwear X2

It was only yesterday we introduced the new Microwear L1 professional sport smartwatch and today we have yet another highly specced smartband, the Microwear X2. The X2 comes with a unique and beautiful design and a really long standby time of 180 days.

The smartband is also IP68-rated waterproof, so you can carry it pretty much anywhere, under the rain, a shower and maybe even underwater, although the company doesn’t confirm that.

The Microwear X2 will be featuring the nowadays-standard heart rate monitor, as well as a blood pressure sensor, blood oxygen monitor, sleep monitoring and various exercise patterns. Being a “smart” band the X2 will also notify you of any incoming messages from IM apps when connected to your smartphone.

The band supports 170 different languages from all over the world, plus it also comes with a special “sex detecting” motion pattern that allows it to keep track of your sexual activities – yes, you read that correctly. The Microwear X2 will indeed understand how good you’re in bed with your lover and give you three different ratings, so you’ll know if you’ve to improve your sex game or not.

Here we have a look at the beautiful design of the watch face, with a 2.5D sapphire glass and a mirror finish. Meanwhile the outer frame is made of aviation grade metal with a nano injection molding that makes it IP68 waterproof.

Microwear‘s smartband blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, and comprehensive health functions can give you early warning and better management of your overall health status.

There’s also a variety of sport patterns, running, cycling, swimming, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, mountain climbing, sex and more. The X2 will accurately analyze your movements conditions each time you go for sports.

The strap will be available in two colors and it’ll be made of food grade silica gel, you get both of them when you buy the watch. This can give you some room to play with colors depending on what else you’re wearing at the time.

Learn more about the Microwear X2 on the official website. If you prefer a more professional looking smartwatch then check out the Microwear H2 as well.

Microwear are also running a giveaway on their website to win a free Microwear H1 smartwatch. Click here to enter it.

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  • ste

    Hi again folks one of my few posts have the watch to arrive tomorrow, so if its s##t i let you know, if its good i’ll re-post lol

  • Freeje

    If you feel hungry after sex you can eat the strap too.

  • ste

    hi there i have recieved the x2 and here are my first impressions. The touch screen is square within a round face, sounds misleading but in practice is’nt. The watch face is quite big and the watch straps durability will only tell in time.
    I will say it looks well made, in operation it is smooth and the monitors are precise. I personally think the watch looks fashionable. The battery after full day of heavy usage .ie health monitoring has not gone down at all.
    overall first impressions are the x2 is not [email protected], lol i think its very promising, software, strap durability and magnetic charging unit will only tell in time, I hope this helps

    • Mati Kuusk

      What about blood pressure and blood oxygen? Does these really work? And if so, how accurate they are?

      • ste

        hi there Mati, blood oxygen and blood pressure appear to work, you follow instructions such as elevating the arm. Over all tested against other equipment they are accurate, I would say placement on wrist is important for it to be consistent. The sensors are the reason why i bought it and so far happy.

        • Mati Kuusk

          Thanks, sounds good but unfortunately the sceen is now always on :(.

  • ste

    hi mati, if you upgrade the firmware via the fundo app this should help. That means you can set the parameters of when you want certain health aspects recorded such as heart rate, sleep, and it can be time preset so you can have an analysis, yes screen stays on if selected from watch in real time just click it off and use through app, i hope this helps, i usually try not to get in to this posting thing, just update, play around and experiment with app and watch.:)

  • nobi


    have u tried wearing the watch while swimming for 30-45 minutes in a 1-2 meter deep pool???

    can u read the notification (sms/bbm/whatsapp/line/etc) directly from the watch? and reply from the watch? or the watch only let you know of incoming messages?

    can u receive call from the watch?

    please let me know….big thanks in advance.

    • ste

      hi there nobi was away on holidays, notifications only show who message is from with little of the message to read, yes have used it in water and works fine, so you cant read full message from watch just notification, and the saphire glass is stuck on screen once scratched like i did it really affects the look of the watch although it did have a bad fall lol

  • choongkokfui

    I purchased this item on 26-9-2017.

    Received this item on 3-10-2017.

    I found it has problem with the “Enter” button not function and immediately write to [email protected] and [email protected] for warranty claim on 18-10-2017 and 19-10-2017 respectively.

    Now still waiting from their reply.

    • Mike

      [email protected] service is bad. I purchase a watch and wait for reply for 7 days money gurantee back but no reply from them.