Video: This Is The Latest Bezelless Android Smartphone!

We know what you’re saying “Another Bezelless Phone?”. Yes, another one but this new device from UHANS does look good.

Bezel-less was once a feature that we all craved, but these days we can’t go a moment without falling over another new Chinese phone with minimal bezels (to be fair not many of these “bezel-less” phones are really bezel-less are they?).

UHANS announced that it would launch its bezel free smartphone around a month ago, and today we have a few images of that devices, name, feature details and a video! Yes, a video! Check it out below.

If you watched that above video you will have seen the UHANS MX the latest, and best looking, UHANS Android smartphone to be released.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep with this phone though as there are some fairly good features thrown in that makes this handset one that we are actually quite interested to try.

First of all, there is that design. Rather than going down the Xiaomi Mi Mix route, UHANS has designed the MX to look more like a Nubia smartphone with zero bezels to the left and right and very minimal bezel at the top of the phone.

By retaining a small top bezel the UHANS MX has enough room to mount light sensors rather than compromising and mouthing those parts below the display.

There are very important features below that 5.2-inch display though and those are the fingerprint scanner that will ensure your personal data is safe along with a front facing camera. For a more elegant design, a 2.5D glass panel is used.

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Turn the MX over and we see that UHANS has given the MX dual rear camera, and a dual LED flash, just like top end Android phones.

What we still don’t know is the hardware specification for the UHANS MX. We’re waiting to hear the specs for the cameras, battery size, amount of memory and the chipset choice. Once we do learn these details we’ll post the information here.

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