Ulefone MIX All-Screen Phone is Getting Closer

It took around a year for smaller Chinese phone makers to follow Xiaomi’s innovative Mi MIX design but they finally did it, Ulefone is no exception. The company is indeed launching their own Ulefone MIX very soon; we can have a look at the teaser they just released on Youtube.

Ulefone also went ahead and compared the Ulefone MIX to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, which as you well know do not shine for good screen-to-body ratios. You can witness that in the simulated image below.

The Ulefone MIX will come with a screen to body ratio as high as 90.2%, if that were to be confirmed it could really be a stunning device. The smartphone is also said to sport an on-cell display which ensure a better optical transmission, contrast ratio, faster response times and more vivid colors.

Going back to the image above, you can clearly see how small the Ulefone MIX looks compared to both phones, even though it comes with the same or bigger display. Indeed the iPhone 8 is 4.7-inch and still looks bigger than Ulefone’s 5.5″ phone; the Plus version only makes it look worse for Apple.

ulefone mix

The Ulefone MIX should be releasing very soon, but still we aren’t aware of its full specifications. We’ll let you guys know more when the company gives us more details about the phone. If you can’t wait for that, then check out Ulefone’2 official website.

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