A Closer Look at MGCOOL Band 3’s Companion App

The MGCOOL band 3 is one of the latest smartbands to hit the market. The wearable comes with a 0.66-inch OLED display where you can check most of the data provided by the band’s built-in sensor. Sometimes though, you will want to know more than what the screen shows, that’s when you install the companion app for your smartphone.

Today we’ll be having a closer look at the app that comes with the MGCOOL Band 3. You can download the app over on the company’s site, at the bottom of the product page, by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

Once you install the app, the first step is pairing the band to your smartphone. You do that by tapping on “Mine” at the bottom right side of the app and then tap on “connection management”. After that, the app will begin looking for the band and once it finds it you’ll have a “connect bracelet” option. When the band is paired, all the data present on it will transfer to your smartphone.

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The top side of the home page features an improved steps counter followed by six parameters related to your health and fitness goals. The sleep section provides a glimpse at your sleeping activity as the Band 3 is capable of monitoring both deep and light sleep. It also shows how many times you wake up and health tips.

The heart rate and blood pressure ratings are displayed in the form of a graph. The app also enables you to check blood oxygen including fatigue levels. The Health Weekly option helps you to gather data collected from the band on weekly basis.

Obviously, the app enables you to take complete control over MGCOOL Band 3, while showing you each and every information nicely and in an easy to read format.

Down below you’ll find some screenshots from the MGCOOL Band 3 companion app.

If you’re interested in purchasing an MGCOOL Band 3, online retailer Gearbest are currently running a special promotion that allows you to get it for as low as $19.99, both in Black and Red color variants. That’s quite a good price considering all the features the band packs and there are no monthly fees to pay to use the app.

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