iPhone Slowdown Fiasco: Chinese Enterprise to Spend 200 million RMB to Help iPhone Users

Pisen Apple

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last week, then you’ll probably be aware of the recent iPhone slowdown drama that is raging the web and led to various class action lawsuits against the giant tech company based in Cupertino – Apple.

Pisen Apple

The reason behind Apple’s decision to slowdown older iPhone is quite simple to apprehend. Older batteries are incapable of handlingĀ peak drawsĀ with the same effectiveness of iPhonesĀ with newer batteries and more efficient processors; thus they run the risk of having the device powering down in order to prevent damage to its internal components.

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Apple’s explanation did not stop people from starting first class lawsuits though, so no matter what solution Apple willĀ take inĀ the future, theĀ bestĀ adviceĀ forĀ currentĀ users of iPhone 6/ 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 is to replaceĀ the battery.

Knowing that, China’sĀ largest 3C digital manufacturer Pisen (Twitter) tweeted to @Apple & @Tim Cook suggesting them toĀ replace batteriesĀ forĀ old iPhoneĀ users. Adding that if iPhone users in China would like to replace old batteries, Pisen will provide 10 million coupons worth 200 million RMB (available within 3 months) and a free installation service.

Pisen Apple

According to the tweet, Pisen are doing this as an appreciation gesture towards Apple users, which isn’t that surprising considering that they are a phone accessories manufacturer and iPhone owners are probably a large part of their customer base.

Pisen alsoĀ suggested AppleĀ toĀ considerĀ helping customers to replace their batteries and, well, soon after the Cupertino company apologized and announced that it’ll offer battery replacements for justĀ $29 for devices out of warranty, was that a coincidence? That said, we still aren’t aware of how it’ll work in places where there’re no official Apple stores or support though.

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