More Essential Accessories Now Available For Sale

The Essential Phone was release back in May 2017 by Essential, a company founded by one of the creators of Android – Andy Rubin. Now, the company has announced that a couple of accessories are now available via its official website but they are accessible in the US only. Before now, we already have the Essential 360 Camera ($199) on sale but headphones and USB adapters have been added. The complete list of Essential accessories that are available for order is given below

Essential HD Earphones
  • Essential¬†HD Earphones ($99):¬† This is a¬†high-definition¬†earphone that comes with an “immersive fatigue-free sound” and features a multi-action button that can activate Google Assistant. It is compatible with other devices that have USB Type–C interface.
  • Essential¬†Earphones¬†Mini ($49):¬†This device seems like a lower version of the Essential HD Earphones. It comes with the same¬†multi-action button, but with less rich sound. It also works with¬†other¬†USB¬†Type-C¬†devices
  • USB¬†Type-C Fast¬†Charger¬†($39):¬†This device is a compact 27W power adapter that comes with¬†a USB-C cable which permits swift charging of your Essential phone. It provides up to 4 hours of¬†battery¬†life in 10 minutes.
  • USB¬†Type-C to 3.5mm¬†Headphone¬†Jack Adapter ($15): This headphone simply connects your¬†wired headphones to your Essential Phone.

In addition, two Essential accessories are listed as “coming soon” and their prices have not been revealed.

  • Essential¬†Phone¬†Dock: We have seen a similar dock for other devices. This enables charging of the Essential Phone without cables. It uses a¬†magnetic Click Connector. Charging is fast and convenient.
Essential Phone Dock
  • Protective¬†case¬†for the Essential 360¬†Camera: This is a small¬†lightweight casing with a minimalist design which makes it easier to carry the Essential 360¬ļ 4K camera.
    Protective case for the Essential 360 Camera

What do you think about these Essential accessories? Let us know in the comment section below.

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