Nokia To Return To Top 5 in 3-5 Years


Recently, Nokia announced up to five new phones at MWC 2018. They include the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 (2018), Nokia 1, and Nokia 8110. However, none of them can be sold in the US. The company will be working on re-entering the US market later. As for now, HMD Global, which is the owner of Nokia brand has quite different goals. When this company was purchasing Nokia no one was thinking it is ambitious. But after the great sales numbers in past two quarters, we can assume there is every chance for Nokia to return to the top. Interestingly, HMD thinks in the same way.

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Florian Seiche, Chief Executive Officer of HMD Global has confirmed they won’t be selling the newly announced devices in the US this year. Particularly, he said ‘Although this is not the core focus of this year, it is certainly on the roadmap.’

In coming years, Nokia will surely try to enter the US market. Moreover, this is mandatory if the company wants to return to the top five in 3-5 years, as they are planning. At this moment, HMD specializes in regions such as Europe, India, Indonesia, and Russia. The company claims it has entered the top 15 of smartphone makers.

At last, Florian Seiche said: ‘That momentum that we are now creating in the markets where we are present helps us to capture attention from future possible customers or countries. We still have on our journey some big opportunities like the US to follow up on.’

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  1. Guest
    February 28, 2018

    Great sales numbers?
    Come on, Argam, do you really think it’s true?
    The way I see it, HMD is playing their nostalgia card for the second time in a row, and it doesn’t have the same effect as the first time. When everybody’s moving to 18:9 and/or “the notch”,they make a 16:9 flagship for nobody, but hey, they made new versions of legendary feature phones, so let’s give them publicity and coverage in just about any tech-related site which may or may not convert to a couple of extra sales.
    Nokia is dead, Microsoft killed it and even though some Lumias were quite nice, the damage to the brand has been done and HMD should be happy with modest sales just like Blackberry are. Not to mention that HMD’s compliance with GPL is even worse than Xiaomi’s.