Chinese Company Invents A “Magic Battery”: Usable At -70 degrees

The technology world is consistently evolving and there is always a swift breakthrough in any area of difficulty. Many users must have been waiting for a revolutionary breakthrough in smartphone battery technology just as we have seen with cameras and other sensors. Normal Lithium-ion batteries do not survive adversely cold environmental conditions. In fact, at -20 degrees temperature, a Lithium battery will lose 50% performance within a few minutes which causes the smartphone to slow down or shut down unexpectedly.

lithium-ion battery

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According to the Xinhua News Agency, Chinese scientists have developed a lithium battery that can be used in extremely cold temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius and can be used in even the most extreme areas of the world or even in outer space. It is reported that the research results from Xia Yongyao, Fudan University, shows that the team used extremely low-temperature conductive ethyl acetate as the electrolyte and two organic compounds as the electrode i.e. PTPAn cathode and PNTCDA anode respectively.

The organic compounds do not need to intercalate with the lithium ions into the molecular matrix of the electrodes, thereby avoiding the problem that the traditional lithium batteries experience due to low-temperature conditions. The new battery uses low-cost ample materials which are environmentally friendly, but researchers also acknowledge that the main problem with commercializing the new battery is that the new cell’s energy density is too low to match today’s lithium batteries.

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