Huawei’s GPU Turbo Can Prevent Hardware Stacking In Android Systems

In recent times, there has been a series of rumors, speculations, and ideas regarding Huawei’s much expected “very scary technology”. This phrase was given to the tech by Honor’s president, Zhao Ming who believes that this tech is a major landmark evolution in the smartphone industry. However, the company unleashed this technology yesterday and it turned out to pe GPU Turbo. The commercial value of this advancement is expected to reach $10 billion.

Glory Zhao Ming: GPU Turbo is a landmark evolution

Rumors of this tech started about three weeks ago and after its release, there has been a lot of speculation to its applicability. Huawei has said that this tech is not restricted to flagship devices and the company has released a list of devices that should get GPU Turbo latest August. However, after the launch event, Honor’s president, Zhao Ming, said that Huawei’s new tech is a landmark evolution and he further explained the workability of this tech.

Android has always been in a catch-up position from iOS. One important reason is that compared to iOS, Android systems use more hardware resources. For example, on the iOS platform, only 3GB of RAM can complete the same system experience that you will need 6GB or even 8GB of RAM on an Android system. The emergence of GPU Turbo will not only help the flagship devices but even the GPU performance of low-end and mid-range smartphones so that they can use technical means to avoid simply stacking hardware and still improve the user experience. Therefore, you can understand that GPU Turbo is a technology designed for the future. Its biggest significance lies in the fact that Android phones gradually get rid of hardware flaws.

About GPU Turbo

In the smartphone industry today, the development of high-quality mobile games, AR/VR applications, and a series of demands for mobile graphics processing continue to force the rapid development of mobile hardware. For smartphones,  a high performing hardware and high power consumption are always tied together. However, simply stacking hardware does not bring real competitiveness to the brand. It is in this contradictory context that Huawei brings GPU Turbo to curtail the situation.

As we all know, many of Huawei’s technologies come from its mysterious “2012 laboratory.” According to Zhao Ming, the GPU Turbo technology is built by Huawei’s 2012 lab, Honor software team, and Huawei’s foreign operating system technical team. Zhao Ming simply revealed that the current technology is equivalent to the adjustment of the microcode inside the GPU and it is integrated with the operating system design, software, and hardware. For now, it is based on Huawei’s unique combination of hardware and software design, so it does not support other chip platforms for the time been.

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