VIVO NEX Shows Crazy Results Even On The First Day of Sales


On June 12, VIVO launched its AI-enabled smart flagship. Thus, the VIVO NEX was out 11 days ago. Yesterday, this handset went on pre-sale. And we have to write down it shows astonishing results even during this period.


Since the launch conference, the customers, as well as the media, have been praising this phone. Of course, its selling point is the genuine full-screen design with an aspect ratio of 91.24%. But there are too many innovations used in this phone as well. That’s why it is very interesting to users who are looking for something better than the regular notch screen models. According to the official information, the manufacturer has had stocked more than 500.000 units in the first month of sales.  Yesterday, it became known all units stored in all stocks were completely sold out. Honestly, this doesn’t mean there were pre-ordered up to 500 units. But no one doubts the VIVO NEX will show record sales results.


As for the phone itself, the VIVO NEX higher variant is equipped with a 6.59-inch true full-screen, a Snapdragon 845 chip, an 8GB of RAM, a built-in Adreno 630 graphics, and so on. But its real advantages come from the innovative technologies, such as the lifting front camera, the third-gen on-screen fingerprint identification, the full-screen sound technology, and Jovi AI system.

Actually, there are too many features that we should pay attention to. But we prefer to focus on two of them – the voice assistant and the smart screen. To give various voice commands and interact with the phone easily, there is a special key on the side of the phone body. Moreover, the VIVO NEX also provides the Jovi intelligence engine that can self-learn according to the user’s habits of using the phone and intelligently allocate resources on the system. In addition, it supports a voice wake-up mode. Separately customized language chips enable NEX to solve voice recognition and de-noise processing through low-power 24-hour long standby. Even in a noisy environment, Jovi can sensitively recognize voices and get complex operations in one sentence.


At last, the VIVO NEX is available for pre-order at a starting 3898 yuan ($599). But the Ultimate variant requires 4498 yuan ($691) and 4998 yuan ($768) for the 128GB and 256GB models, respectively.

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  1. Joe Midnight
    June 24, 2018

    Release a US/International version for $400 and you will have a hit.