Xiaomi 90Kg Rhino/Flamingo Water Mount Arrives For 149 Yuan ($23)

In recent times, we have seen a couple of new devices from Xiaomi including a smart lock cylinder and a wooden digital wall clock. Now, the company has released another product for those who love summer aquatic event. We are talking about a series of water mounts notably the Rhinos and Flamingo water mount. This product is currently priced at 149 Yuan ($23).

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This new product is designed, produced and delivered by Shanghai Roewe Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. and it also provides the after-sales service. It adopts 3D colour printing with high-quality PVC materials which makes it thick and safe. The thickness of this water mount ensures it is not susceptible to leakages which makes it safer. Both products are designed with a leak-proof airlock which allows quick inflation and deflation. You can choose either a home air pump or a manual air pump to inflate these water mount. The Flamingo is 1.7 meters high and 1.73 meters long while the Rhinoceros is 1.02 meters high and 2.01 meters long. Both of them have a 90kg carrying capacity. The carrying capacity is quite interesting because this looks like a product that children would love but you certainly would not leave your child floating in the water when he/she cannot swim. With a 90kg carrying capacity, an average weight parent and child can mount this product. Of course, this strongly depends on the weight of the parent and child. 

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