ZTE CEO, Cheng Lixin, Resigns

In the immediate past months, Chinese company, ZTE has had to deal with a couple of setbacks in its operation as a result of the ban from the US. Recently, the company reached an agreement with the US government and its ban has been temporarily lifted. Part of the agreement requires that the top executives of ZTE resign and in compliance with the agreement, CEO Cheng Lixin has submitted his official resignation. This is coming after the resignation of fourteen former board members and unofficial reports suggest that the company has named Xu Ziyang as its next CEO.

Cheng Lixin joined ZTE on May 18, 2010, and was the president of ZTE North America and CEO of ZTE USA until April 2017 when he took up the position of CEO ZTE. During his time in charge of North America and the USA, he got outstanding results which took the company to fifth position in the US. This achievement earned him the new position he held until his resignation.

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