Snapdragon Chromebook in the Works?

A piece of code was spotted by XDA developers, leading to the belief that a Snapdragon Chromebook, codenamed “Cheza”, is in the works. The snippet of code was committed to the Chromium Gerrit under the name: Cheza, sweetberry: Cheza proto 1 power map.

Last December, XDA developers discovered evidence of a Chromebook called ‘cheza’powered by the Snapdragon 845. ‘Cheza proto 1’ in the commit indicates that Google is testing the first prototype of the Chromebook. The commit is for mapping the power usage of the Cheza. Since the device has reached a prototyping stage, it’ll probably be a few months before the device is released. Since it is in the prototyping stage, it has 4 more stages to cover as described below:

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  1. Proto(type)
  2. EVT (Engineering Validation Test) – one design, look for major hardware defects or needed changes, can take multiple EVT runs
  3. DVT (Design Validation Test) – getting the hardware ready for mass production
  4. PVT (Production Validation Test) – mass production test, testing the units that’ll likely be sold to consumers
  5. MP (Mass Production) – produce the units that’ll go on sale

It’s difficult to predict when Cheza will enter the 5th stage. It might take a few months or almost a year for that to happen. Chromebooks are the perfect companions when if you need a bloat-free, fast and simple software. The software is so light that it can run on almost any chipset without any issue. They have a battery life that is upwards of 8 hours. Imagine a Chromebook with an all-day battery life, and that’s where the Qualcomm chipset comes into the picture. An all-day laptop would break all competition on the market.  And seems like it is going to happen very soon.

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