UMIDIGI’s Best Flagship Ever Goes on Sale Next Monday


UMIDIGI is phone maker that is always trying to bring the latest trends from the mobile industry into good quality, yet much more affordable devices in order to make these features available to as many people as possible. Recently, the company launched many successful mid-range and budget phones, such as the UMIDIGI One series and UMIDIGI A1 Pro. Now, it’s time for the UMIDIGI flagship – the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro, which has just landed on Gearbest. The global open sales will start on August 13th at 10:00 AM (UTC+8) and we can already say the day will become a carnival event for electronic amateurs.

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro comes in three variants, the ordinary version twilight and carbon fiber will be sold at $299.99 with a $60 off. However, the ceramic version will be sold at $359.99 with a $40 off at Gearbest. The specs for three variants are the same, but the luxury ceramic edition comes with a wireless charger, the UMIDIGI Q1.

The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro is equipped with an Helio P60 processor and supports global LTE bands, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, 3550mAh battery with 18W wired charging and 15W Qi wireless charging. We then find a rear dual camera setup with a S5K2P7 main sensor (16MP+8MP) with 1.12μm pixels, 1/ 2.8’’ large sensor size, which is used for example in OPPO R15 or LG V20, a 16MP selfie Sony IMX371 camera known from the OnePlus 5Ts, NFC and stock Android 8.1 Oreo system.


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The UMIDIGI Z2 Pro delivers flagship-level specs at a relatively affordable price, keeping the company true to their cause. If you don’t want to miss this very anticipated phone, head over to Gearbest and subscribe to the presale right here.

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The Z2 Pro is too pricey? Then you can take a look at the latest UMIDIGI One Pro, which is what the company calls a “compact flagship” with a mid-range Helio P23 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 15W fast wireless charge, 18W wired fast charge, NFC and global LTE bands.

The UMIDIGI One and One Pro are now launching on AliExpress with an big open sales discount. At this moment the UMIDIGI One is available for $139.99 (get $2 coupon the price even can go down at $137.99) and the UMIDIGI One Pro is priced $169.99. The activity will last till August 12th, so if you are looking for a compact flagship with an affordable price, then this would be a great choice for you. Click here to Snap Up the UMIDIGI One/One Pro.

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  1. Marius Cirsta
    August 10, 2018

    This one is a big “meh” from me… Yes it’s way to pricey , it has some nice features but the P60 from Mediatek is a big let down.
    I was a fan of Mediatek SOCs but since I tried the Snapdragon 820 I have to be more realistic about it … Mediatek SOCs don’t match the Qualcomm ones even if they score well in Antutu and other benchmarks.
    The Android version upgrades, source code releases and other things like these are also a catastrophe for Mediatek SOCs so you’re going to mostly be stuck on that version of Android with not that many community ROMs.

    For $374 you can get the Xiaomi Mi 8 which is in my opinion miles ahead of this one and that’s $74 that’s well spent.

    • Piotr A
      August 10, 2018

      U r right. Mediatek and Snapdragon are like AMD vs. Intel. Maybe they are a bit cheaper but always big step back. Their flagship P60 is made in 12nm process while Snapdragon introduced 8nm SND730. Anyone with basic konowlege of processor knows what it means.

  2. Robbo5ooo
    August 10, 2018

    This is arguably the best midrange phone available. Umidigi are of one the best Chinese manufacturers you’ve never heard of. I just wish Umidigi made genuine flagship phones. The fact that they ship with more or less pure Android 8.1 is a massive selling point. It will be interesting to see how easy it is to unlock the boatloader.
    Looking to upgrade from a OnePlus 3, this unfortunately would be a sideways step that I couldn’t justify.
    Seriously, don’t listen to Marius, he’s talking nonsense. The Mi 8 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, the same as the Z2 pro, is about $430, so $130 more.
    The P60 holds it’s own against the snapdragon 660, and this phone is very competitively priced with phones that come with the 660.

    • Andreas Denne
      August 10, 2018

      Let’s talk cameras then for a bit.
      Umidigi might be a great company and the quality of their phones seens to increase with every new model they launch. Credit where credits due. However… When it comes to the camera quality it looks they’re still falling behind on brands like Xiaomi and Meizu.

      When you take their S2 for example: Even in the 300 euro euro ‘high end’ version the so called dual camera was not a real depth-in-field camera, and the ”bokeh effect” was a software generated circle of blur . And to top it off they decided to slap a 720p screen (on a 6 inch screen mind you!) on this phone.

      There are 130 to 150 euro cheaper phones out there that manage to come with a 6 inch FHD screen. And much much better Camera’s than the S2 Pro had. But I see a line of improvement and a lot of potential. And I haven’t seen the Umidigi One nor the Z2 Pro yet. Let’s hope we will get a review unit of either one 😉

    • Marius Cirsta
      August 10, 2018

      I was able to find the Snapdragon 845 powered Mi8 for $374 on Kimovil. Yes it was a special offer but similar ones will probably be available soon of you look.

      Yes it was the 64 GB version but for me 64 GB is quite enough and I don’t really need 128 GB. Also the 64 GB of the Mix2 is also available for $355 on Kimovil , a very good phone.

  3. Jez Humberston
    August 10, 2018

    Flagship eh… in nautical terms more like the flagship of the Fiji Navy.