Video: Samsung distributes free Galaxy S9 units in a Dutch town called Appel

We’re no strangers to Samsung’s trolling Apple on various occasions. In fact, one could argue that Samsung relishes these moments and keeps searching for chances where it can poke some fun at it’s biggest direct competitor. A few days back, Huawei did a not-so-subtle trolling when it started distributing free Huawei power banks to iPhone XS/XS Max buyers lined up outside an Appel Store, er, I mean Apple Store. Here’s what Samsung did.

The South Korean giant distributed free 50 units of the Galaxy S9 at a town in the middle of nowhere. Where’s the trolling in that, you ask? Well, the town or village in question here is named ‘Appel’. This is a Dutch town whose name if translated would literally mean “Apple”. AndroidAuthority stated that Samsung gave away 50 devices to 50 of the 312 inhabitants of the small village. To rub salt to wounds, Samsung’s latest marketing campaign was facilitated by an 18-year old Apple fan whom Samsung contacted to distribute the devices.

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Marketing Manager for Samsung Mobiles in the Netherlands issued a statement adding, “With this marketing campaign we do exactly the same. We are off the beaten track to get our message across.”

This is probably not the first time Samsung has took jibes towards Apple’s flagship smartphones. The recent iPhone X notch was subject to a brutal trolling from Samsung and the videos for the campaign managed to garner a lot of attention.

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