iPhone XS Face ID unlock speed is faster than the previous generation

In addition to performance and the camera, it appears that there is one more reason to upgrade from the iPhone X to the iPhone XS. One of Apple Insider’s new discoveries is that the second generation of Face ID is indeed faster to unlock.

The test method is very simple. In the same bright light scene, the face information is recorded for the iPhone XS/X, and then the unlocking is compared for a total of 15 times. Among them, the iPhone XS has achieved 11 times of visible speed.

The second round of testing is a dark scene. This time, the advantage of XS is more obvious.

It is believed that the speed of the iPhone XS face ID is due to the NPU unit integrated in the A12 chip that is more powerful, the neural processor unit make face recognition faster using self-learning.

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The A12’s NPU unit has been upgraded from dual-core to 8-core, and the processing capacity per unit of time has increased from 60 million to 5 trillion, which is a qualitative leap.

It is worth to mention that the well-known Apple analyst Guo Minghao has released a new report saying that the 2019 iPhone will have an upgraded Face ID experience. Specifically, he believes that Apple will increase the power of the floodlight illuminator, which will help reduce the possibility of ambient light interfering with face recognition. For the user, this means that the failure rate when using the Face ID to unlock the iPhone will be lower.

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