Safeguard your Google Pixel 3 series – there is no official repair support

The best advice for users of users of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is “never smash your phone”. Since the official release of this smartphone, there have not been many complaints compared to the Pixel 2 series. However, a new observation revealed that this smartphone has no official repair support on Google’s official website. 

A Google Pixel 3 user accidentally smashed her smartphone on a concrete floor and the rear glass got shattered. She called her husband who immediately contacted Google repair service. However, he got a response that he least expected. To start with, Google Pixel 3 series is not listed on Google’s device repair page. He went ahead to communicate directly with Google and a support staff informed him that there is nothing the (Google) can do for now and he should contact uBreakiFix,  an American electronic equipment repair company. 

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After evaluating the extent of the damage, uBreakiFix charged the user $110 to fix the device. However, three days later, the customer got a call from uBreakiFix that they don’t know when the repair component will arrive thus fixing the device, may take longer than expected. The company also said that the only component they have in store is the battery. The Google Pixel 3 series is just over a month old thus such maintenance support services are clearly unsatisfactory. Some users on Reddit said that it is impossible to repair this device through uBreakiFix. Another source said that uBreakiFix could not get the necessary adhesive to reinstall the back cover glass.

Since Google doesn’t support the repair of this series for now and uBreakiFix (whom Google refers you to) got only the battery, if your phone gets bad (physically), it will sadly remain that way for a while.

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  1. Duarte Bruno
    November 9, 2018

    Insurance is probably cheaper than repair.

  2. Daniel Zrinyifalvi
    November 11, 2018

    After the headphone jack, Google also drops support and warranty from list of features. Apple to follow suit.