Google’s Pixel 3 Latest Security Patch Makes Texts Disappear

The Pixel 3 series from Google is looking out to be one of the unluckiest ones, or at least it’d appear to be so if we check out all the bugs and hardware problems we’ve seen this far.

This time it’s only on the software side though, so it shouldn’t be a big issue for the company that creates software for a living. Albeit it’s somewhat ironic as they are the ones who added it in the first place in November’s security update.

So, let’s get to it, what’s the bug? Well, messages simply disappear according to some users on Reddit. And no, Google didn’t delete their private messages for privacy concerns.

The issue could be specific to the Messages app from Google, which is of course installed by default on the Pixel 3 phones. While some users only lost a couple messages, others have seen disappearing 2 years of conversations, which depending on the case might be something not too fun to see.

Hopefully Google can fix the bug as soon as possible. The Pixel 3 series has already had enough bad PR in the last weeks, they cannot afford to mistake again.

What do you guys think? Should a premium phone such as the Pixel 3 have this many issues? Let us know down below!

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