MediaTek Helio P90 Will Be Equipped With APU 2.0 AI Chip

Helio P90

Recently, MediaTek officially announced that it will hold a press conference in Shenzhen on November 13 to release the Helio P90 mobile chip. According to MediaTek’s Weibo channel, the Helio P90 chip will focus on AI performance, and the AI camera is one of the big highlights. This morning, the Taiwanese chip maker introduced the role of AI chips and revealed that the P90 will be equipped with the new APU 2.0 AI chip.

Helio P90

In the article released by MediaTek, the company classifies the role of AI chips into six categories:

AI classification: to improve the efficiency of intelligent editing of albums and intelligent classification of messages. This will allow you to better manage your smartphone.

Object recognition: AI can intelligently recognize faces, objects, scenes, movements, etc. on the smartphone. It also allows you to take good photos, of which the angle and brightness can be handled by AI. By the way, the latest Helio P70 has a human body gesture recognition function.

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Object segmentation: to provide a background blur, depth of field management, smash hit face, smart beard, Cosplay, and one-click PS through AI.

SR: SR stands for Super Resolution. AI can turn low-resolution images to high resolution through deep learning, and at the same time, improve the image quality.

In addition, speech recognition and text recognition, which we are very familiar with, will be better used because of the improved AI performance.

According to MediaTek, the Helio P90 is equipped with the new APU 2.0 AI chip, which provides higher performance support in functional classification, object segmentation, object recognition, and SR applications.

Honestly, previously, we have heard about this chip but there was no certain information what advantages it will have in comparison to its predecessors.

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    December 5, 2018

    They took the right image first them blur it until it becomes the image on the left side, comin the people are smarter than that Mediatek.