New USB 3.1 active fiber data cable hits 10Gbps of transmission bandwidth over 50 meters

The technology industry is consistently growing and many companies are following the trend so they will not be left behind. One thing that is most desired from PC users is the reduction of the time it takes to transfer files either over WiFi or through wired connection. A US-based company, Cosemi, has introduced the world’s first hybrid active optical data line (hAOC) that supports USB 3.1 Gen.2 standard and provides 10 Gbps of transmission bandwidth over distances of up to 50 meters.

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The data line uses optical fibre to transmit data while a copper wire is used for control and power supply. It is self-powered with no external expansion box or repeater. The company said that optical fibre transmission can better protect against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.  There are many options for connectors, including USB-A/USB-A, USB-A/USB-C, USB-C/USB-C. It is worth mentioning that this data line does not use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) because the material will produce toxic gases when burned, which does not meet the wall-in-line cable specifications in many places. Cosemi is pat the hub of the development of this new data transfer line, which will be mass-produced in March. As of now, the specific price has not been announced.

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