Xiaomi Router 4A and Gigabit Version Will Be Announced Tomorrow

Xiaomi MI Router 4

Today, Xiaomi officially announced two new products are on the way, namely the Xiaomi Router 4A and Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit version. These two will be released tomorrow morning (March 12).

From the preheating information, the shape of the Xiaomi Router 4A will be basically the same as that of the Xiaomi Router 4, coming with a four-antenna design.

However, the ‘A’ suffix is not the first time to appear next to the name of the Xiaomi router. Previously, the company launched the Xiaomi Router 3/3A. In this sense, the main differences in comparison to the latter refer to the processor, memory, and ROM. Currently, the Xiaomi Router 4 uses the MT7621A dual-core processor, a 128MB DDR3 memory, and 128MB SLC flash storage.

It’s also assumed the regular Xiaomi Router 4A will cut off the Gigabit WAN port as well as the LAN port, while the Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit version should sport 1 Gigabit WAN + 1 Gigabit LAN + 1 100M LAN ports combination.

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The Xiaomi Router 4 family already has a 99 yuan ($15) Xiaomi Router 4Q and 4C, but both support 2.4GHz single frequency + 100 megabytes. In this sense, the Xiaomi Router 4A’s positioning should be slightly higher. Therefore, the price is guessed to be between 120-150 yuan ($18-22). On the other hand, the original Xiaomi Router 4 costs 199 yuan ($30).

By the way, recently Xiaomi announced the Mesh router that connects up to 248 devices simultaneously. So we guess the upcoming Xiaomi Router 4A and the Gigabit version are coming for larger masses. It is reported that the sales of Xiaomi router have exceeded 12.2 million units.

Xiaomi Router 4A

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