AirPods 2 Teardown : repairing them is impossible

AirPods 2

Ten days after the official announcement, iFixit guys have managed to get their hands on the new Apple AirPods 2. Through their disassembly guide of the new TWS headphones from Apple, we had a confirmation that the reparability is practically impossible.

From what came out of the teardown it is very clear that AirPods 2 are not meant to be repaired (probably not even from an Apple authorized center). In fact, it is not possible to access any component without compromising the integrity of another.

AirPods 2

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Moreover, it is not possible to access the battery of each earphone, when it stops working you have to rely on Apple’s (expensive) replacement service.

The same difficulty was also found in the disassembly of the case which in addition to having the same battery set as the previous version available, has as its only novelty a copper coil with a heat sink attached for wireless charging.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the final score provided by iFixit to the repairability of the new AirPods 2 is a nice 0 out of 10, where 10 means extreme simplicity in reparability.

It is worth to mention that the new generation of Apple AirPods with the new wireless charging case is already available for purchase for a cost of $199.

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