Huawei Mate X more reliable than Samsung? Final price and availability revealed

Huawei Mate X more reliable

Huawei Mate X more reliable than the Samsung Galaxy fold says company officials. This comes at the time when Huawei has started trial production run. On April 20th the small-scale production began for a local China launch in June. Seeing all the news about the Galaxy Fold, Huawei is apparently increasing testing standards to avoid a similar problem. We reported earlier that the device appeared on the official website. We now have details of the price that was missing from the site.

Mate X more reliable

Huawei previously announced that the price would be a surprise. We now know that the price will not exceed 14000 RMB (~2090$) This will be the price for the local variant. The international variant will likely cost 17000 RMB (~2540$).

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The first batch of stocks that will be ready in China by June are around 80,000 units. Due to limited supply of the foldable screen from BOE, Huawei might limit the entire life-cycle of the product to just 300,000 units. Samsung has a clear advantage here with a more mature supply line. Samsung will have 700,000 units ready and has the capability to make 300,000 after that. Of course all these are approximates from the industry.

All these stocks will be of no use to Samsung if their devices continue to fail. Samsung devices currently are experiencing sudden failure, protective film issues and more. Huawei seeing this is said to have taken additional steps to make its device more reliable.

Samsung uses an inner folding design. This had the apparent advantage of being protected when not being used. But this seems to have caused more problems than solve them. The inner fold design is said to be causing tremendous stretching and folding pressures.

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Huawei is using an outer folding method and this has apparently reduced stress felt by the screen to a large extent. The only problem now is how to protect the screen that does not have hardened glass? Huawei is working on methods to harden the screen.


Overall industry experts believe that the Huawei Mate X is more reliable than the Galaxy fold. We now only need to hope that the supply can meet the demand.

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  1. Wilfried Van Hees
    April 20, 2019

    The Huawei Fold will be a diaster because it’s impossible to protect the screen because it folds outside.

    BOE has tried to steal the screen tech from Samsung but still isn’t capable of producing a screen that can fold inward and that has the superior quality of the Samsung screens. They also don’t have the tech to make a sophisticated hinge system as on the Galaxy Fold.

    Samsung is years ahead on this laughable Huawei fail fold.

    • Wesley Lee
      April 21, 2019

      Great comment! By the way, are you working for Samsung?

    • bZAOUI
      April 21, 2019

      I’m a big Samsung guy, well more so Android, wherein Samsung is the leader in class. This especially when compared to the crap spyware products, largely copied and pumped out of China, in this case Huawei. Nonetheless, one must reluctantly admit the strides they have made. Their phones are now class-leading when it comes to digital camera, build quality and chipset. They have arrived. Nothing better embodies this than their new folding device, the Mate X. Contrary to what you postulate their backwards-bending concept does not belie an inferiority in hinge or screen engineering. It is actually very well executed, and translates to several configuration use scenarios, e.g., tablet mode (open), to two full-sized screens usable from either side when in phone mode (folded), where you benefit from being able to selfie with the main, high-resolution camera. You can even show what you see in the view-finder to the photography subject so they can see what you are capturing and instruct you on what to capture/film. They’ve actually made a device which, from what I’ve seen so far has a more intuitive usability in it’s various configurations. The Samsung Fold employs a third, smaller and superfluous screen. Folded, it provides possibly the most undesirable smartphone experience on the market! Huawei took out an entire screen from the equation. Through better concept, they managed a more polyvalent device with only the two full-size screens in the Mate X.

    • bZAOUI
      April 21, 2019

      lol, no but he wishes. 🙂