The Top 10 Front Camera Designs Available on Current Smartphones

front camera design

Since the launch of the iPhone X, the smartphone industry has officially entered the era of full-screen. The top manufacturers are doing their best to place the front camera somehow and somewhere in order to achieve a higher screen ratio. Even smartphones with less than a thousand yuan price tag have also got a comprehensive screen design.

At present, there are mainly 10 front camera design solutions on the market. Among them, we should mention the Honor 7i, as the first phone with a rotatable lens. However, it’s not available for purchase at the moment.

As for now, let’s see what the manufacturers have invented in order to expand the screen ratio of their phones.

1, Honor V20 – Hole-punch screen design

front camera design

2, VIVO NEX dual-screen version – One camera for multiple use scenarios

front camera design

3, OPPO Reno – Special pop-up camera

4, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE – Water drop screen design

front camera design

5, Lenovo Z5 Pro – Sliding screen design

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6, VIVO X27 – Double slide lifting camera

7, Samsung Galaxy S10+ – Dual-front-camera in the screen

front camera design

8, Huawei Mate 20 – Notch screen design

front camera design

9, Meizu 16th – The world’s smallest front-facing camera on the forehead

front camera design

10, Honor 7i – Rotating lens

front camera design

Of course, there is also an inverted lens of the Xiaomi Mi MIX series. The front camera is placed in the chin position. So the smartphone needs to be flipped when we want to take selfies. This is a bit unacceptable. But we also should point out this is a unique solution.

Though the current smartphones sport large full-screens, customers still require a higher screen ratio. So the manufacturers have had to come in with various approaches. Even some users say they don’t need the front camera, offering the companies to cancel the front camera.

Which one do you like the most?

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