LG AI ThinQ Series TV Launched In India, Starting At INR 24,990 ($365)

LG AI ThinQ series TV

Yesterday, LG released the AI ​​ThinQ series TV in India. Screen size varies from 32 inches to 77 inches. The lowest variant costs 24,990 Indian Rupees ($365), while the highest variant is priced at 10,99,990 Indian Rupees ($16,000).

As Fonearena reports, the LG AI ​​ThinQ series TV supports HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. These products were launched at CES 2019 earlier this year and began global promotion in March.

LG AI ThinQ series TV

LG AI ThinQ Series TV Features

Apart from the aforementioned selling points, the LG AI ThinQ Series TV supports Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant and Google Assistant, as well as a newly designed interface for easier operation. The TV can also display 4K videos and comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. Also, these TVs feature a two-way Bluetooth capability. The latter allows users to listen to TV audio wirelessly on compatible audio devices and connect the phone to an LG TV. Generally, LG’s 2019 TV series leverages LG’s second-generation Alpha 9 smart processor and deep learning technology. Due to them, the TV delivers upgraded AI graphics and sound quality.

The new LG AI ThinQ series TVs come with built-in apps, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. This series also supports Mobile Connection Overlay that enables users to view both the mobile and television screens simultaneously.

For this, LG India Home Entertainment Director, Younchul Park said:

We’re thrilled to introduce Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and AirPlay2 in our televisions that will certainly bring more convenience to our customers. This addition is LG’s commitment to simplifying the customers’ lives. With this built-in technology, users of LG televisions will be able to do much more than simply watching TV like, they can read news updates, check the weather forecast, order food, essentially they can control their surroundings in a much easier and efficient way. We are confident that this new feature will elevate the home entertainment experience of both our existing and future consumer.

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