Xiaomi TV claims 39% of the Indian market share

Xiaomi TV 4A 32-inch

Xiaomi TV is the number one TV brand in India and China. Recently, the company hit two million units shipment within 14 months in India. According to IDC, in Q1 2019, Xiaomi’s smart TV market share in  India is 39%. From its data, Xiaomi’s share is comparable to the market share of LG, Sony and Samsung put together. LG, Sony, and Samsung occupy the second, third and fourth positions respectively. In addition, their market shares are 15%, 14%, and 12% respectively. While Xiaomi has a 39% market share, these three manufacturing giants collectively has 41%.

Xiaomi TV

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The performance of this brand in the Indian market is incredible and the company has seen crazy results in a short period of time. Xiaomi is successful for three basic reasons

  • It works with India’s largest video provider to ensure the superiority of the content
  • Its smart experience for the Indian market stands out
  • Its price is very competitive.

At the same time, the high quality and low repair rate of Xiaomi TV has also been tested by the market. According to the company, the 32-inch Xiaomi TV has a repair rate of only 0.64%, while the industry average repair rate is 2.6%. In fact, not only in India and China, according to the statistical agency, GFK statistics, Xiaomi smart TV is also doing quite well in Russia.


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