Windows Phone: Nokia ex engineer sums up why it failed

Windows Phone

Microsoft has been trying its hands on the mobile system but has been failing for almost 20 years. Its latest failed system, Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile) is the most promising for the third-largest mobile operating system. Recently, one 0f Nokia’s ex-engineer summed up four reasons why Windows Phone failed.

Windows Phone

  1. Microsoft underestimated Google’s Android: At the time, Apple’s iOS system was already hot, but Android was still relatively rough. Android’s real value lies in Google services, like YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc. If you don’t have these Google services, the Windows system has good odds. However, it didn’t think that Android will spread so fast thus did not act until Google services arrived. It was too late then. 
  2. Bad Windows 8 dragged down Windows Phone: After the launch of Windows 8, the market response was very bad. This made many people associate Windows Phone 8 with Windows 8, even though both systems had independent teams.
  3. Microsoft’s reputation is not good: Microsoft’s did not keep to its word. This made many people lose trust in the system and switched to Android or iOS platform.
  4. Android and iOS users are very satisfied: By 2014 iOS and Android already has a huge number of satisfied customers. Even if Microsoft Windows mobile system has a certain number of applications, the Windows ecosystem has no convincing reason for consumers to switch to its camp.


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