iPhone 11 To Support UWB (Ultra Wide Band) For Better Indoor Positioning

iphone 11

Today, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingxi released the latest research report. The analysis said that the iPhone 11 series (2019) will be equipped with UWB. The latter stands for ultra-wideband technology. Moreover, the iPhone 11S (2020) will also have three key changes.

The report pointed out that UWB technology will be a key innovation function of the iPhone 11. And it is expected to achieve more innovative business models. The main supplier of the iPhone UWB SiP is Changjiang Electronics. This technology can be integrated with existing applications (such as Apple Map) to realize indoor positioning service.

The report predicts that Apple will also ship UWB tags to enable the deployment of infrastructure to provide iPhone indoor location services.

If you are not familiar with this technology, here is a brief introduction. Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is a wireless carrier communication technology. Instead of using a sinusoidal carrier, it uses a nanosecond non-sinusoidal narrow pulse to transmit data. So its spectrum range is very wide. UWB technology has the advantages of low system complexity, low power spectral density of transmitted signals, insensitivity to channel fading, low interception capability, and high positioning accuracy. It is especially suitable for high-speed wireless access in dense multi-path locations such as indoors.

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iphone 11

The report also pointed out three key changes that will be made to the iPhone 11S (2020). They include the new design, three new models that support 5G, and camera feature upgrades.

Generally, Apple is not going to make significant changes in the upcoming iPhone series. Probably, the most eye-catching change will refer to the camera design. But the next-gen models should differ from their predecessors a lot.

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