Amazon Alexa Now Supports Hindi and Hinglish in India

Amazon Alexa

A couple of years ago, Amazon introduced its voice-assistant service named Alexa to the Indian market. Since then, the e-commerce giant has launched numerous Echo devices making use of its own assistant service. The company has finally added the support for the Hindi language as well as Hinglish to the voice assistant. This makes the Alexa bilingual for the Indian market. Starting from today itself, Alexa will be able to understand English, Hindi as well as Hinglish. In fact, Amazon claims that the Alexa can now completely understand the Hindi or Hinglish in various contexts as well as different dialects and accents.

Amazon Alexa Now Understands Hindi and Hinglish

Amazon Alexa

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To set up or enable the Hindi language for your Alexa, you can just simply ask “Alexa, help me set up Hindi”. You can also change the language inside the device settings on the Alexa app. You should look for language options to enable Hindi and Hinglish. For those who own Echo Show, a simple swipe-down from the screen will allow you to open the Settings screen. You can then look for the language options to change it.

“We are thrilled to bring a suite of AI advances in multi-lingual understanding so that customers can interact with Alexa in different regional variants of colloquial Hindi. We are grateful to Indian customers who contributed to Hindi development through the Cleo skill,” said Rohit Prasad, Vice President and Head Scientist, Alexa AI, Amazon.

Once your Alexa starts to understand Hindi and Hinglish, users will be able to use various commands either in complete Hindi language or simply Hinglish. Users can ask Alexa to play the latest Bollywood songs by the command “Alexa, Bollywood ke latest gaane sunao”. You can also ask the name of the song using “Alexa, Yeh konsa gaana hai” command. Not only Amazon Echo devices, but Alexa Hindi support will also hit a range of smart speakers from various manufacturers such as Bose and Sony.  Above all, Alexa will soon understand both Hindi and English simultaneously and there will be no need to change language settings every now and then. This feature will most likely arrive by the end of the next month.

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