Soundpeats Truengine 2 Review: TrueWireless Plus Works Miracles

Soundpeats Truengine 2

Nowadays, there are plenty of scenarios when we can’t get along with earbuds. I know you will say they are comfortable to wear but most of the earbuds have a number of disadvantages. Say, they may fall out when doing sport, they require battery power to operate, they cost more than the regular headphones, etc. But all the aforementioned problems will disappear once you find a worthy product. Fortunately, I have got my hands on such earbuds. And today I am going to talk about all the highlights of the Soundpeats Truengine 2 dual-driver earbuds.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

As said, there are myriads of cases where you need a pair of good earbuds. Say, if you travel a lot and like do that by your car, then you would like to have at least a single earbud in your ear to listen to the navigation instructions. Moreover, if you exercise much, good music will help you have a better workout. Generally, in those cases where you don’t like to have a cord laying on your neck or on your chest, the wireless earbuds are the best solution.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

Those who are not familiar with this brand, Soundpeats was founded in 2010 and specializes in compact/ portable audio accessories. As you understand, it knows how to design good wired and wireless earbuds.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

Particularly, Soundpeats Truengine 2 is quite comfortable to wear due to the outstanding design. Of course, it’s difficult to offer anything new in this niche, but the earbuds can always fit better than other similar products. This is all about our protagonist. During the test period, they didn’t fall out from the ears even for a single time. They are fitted with a soft rubbery loop called a Freebit earfin. This simply means they sit inside the concha of the ear and hold the pod in place.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

These earbuds also have an IPX5 waterproof certificate.

The pairing didn’t cause any issue as well. Once you take them off the charging box, they will start searching for a Bluetooth to pair with. Interestingly, when you pair both earbuds with the phone, you will get a stereo sound effect. But if doing this for the single earbud, it will automatically turn to mono.

As you guess, we are dealing with the world’s first dual-driver TrueWireless Plus setup for each ear. In other words, these earbuds come with one composite-diaphragm bass driver and one treble driver plated in beryllium. The company has put its own crossover inside the earbuds to separate high and low frequencies and run them through their own optimized speakers.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

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The case itself is very compact. So you can carry it with you. Once you take off them from the charging box, they are ready to use. And once you put them back, they will turn off and start charging automatically.

When it comes to sound performance, the Soundpeats Truengine 2 provides a better experience than expected. The sound quality is way better than what we get from most of the similar products. The sound is well balanced and the mid-tones are not overwhelmed by an excessive amount of bass. And there is enough beat to give the sound a great depth.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

There are built-in mics in each ear for phone calls. Due to the Qualcomm’s cVc noise cancellation technology, it helps keep the sound clear even when there’s ambient noise. As the company claims, they are using the ‘best-in-class chip’. It is combined with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, which provides way better performance than its predecessor.

Due to the enhanced communication features, it is used for multiple devices, such as wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers, and even for communication between a various smart home and IoT devices.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

If you own a smartphone that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and your headphones support the older version, you won’t get any benefit from this friendship. Bluetooth is backward compatible. This means you can continue using your existing Bluetooth 4.2 and older devices with a Bluetooth 5.0 phone.

But this is not the only cool feature of Bluetooth 5.0. Say, it allows you to play audio on two connected devices simultaneously. Usually, I do this when watching movies with my wife. You could even stream two different audio sources to two different audio devices at the same time. This means we can listen to two different pieces of music, but streaming from the same phone.

Soundpeats Truengine 2

Surprisingly, you can use your voice assistant to make calls with the Truengine 2 in your ears and play a song. Unfortunately, voice commands not always recognized well and properly. So we recommend the company to work on this issue. In fact, I tested this feature with my Xiaomi phone. And seems the earbuds work well with other brands. So maybe this is related just to my phone.

Honestly, I can’t say the capacity of the batteries inside. But they provide 7 hours of life and the charging case will add other 30 hours of battery life.


The Soundpeats Truengine 2 earbuds look amazing. And though the backside is a bit bulkier than other wireless earbuds, we should confirm the company has worked well in terms of design. As for the audio performance, they are not ideal but I was surprised a lot. And also, I liked the function of automatic turning on and off the stereo/mono mode.

Price and availability

These earbuds were launched through a crowdfunding project. And though the goal was $15,000, they managed to get over $300,000. So the company turned to manufacturing immediately. The Soundpeats Truengine 2 are available for purchase at $120. They are expected to hit the market in October.

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