Xiaomi 5G factory will produce 60 smartphones per minute – Lei Jun

When it comes to investment in innovation, Xiaomi, is one Chinese manufacturer that is usually at the forefront. The company under the leadership of Lei Jun contributes immensely to innovation in the smartphone industry. At the recent World 5G Conference, Xiaomi’s Chairman and CEO,  Lei Jun, delivered a keynote speech at the main forum. Amongst other things, he said that Xiaomi 5G factory is in construction. 

Xiaomi IoT

Lei Jun revealed that the company is building a factory in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The interesting aspect of this factory is that it will largely use the 5G network for all its operations. It is using this advanced network to improve production efficiency. This factory will handle the production of Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phone. The first phase of the design has an annual production capacity of 1 million units. The plant will use large-scale automated production lines, 5G networks, big data and other technologies to significantly increase production efficiency and automatically produce 60 smartphones per minute. This is more than 60% higher than the capacity of traditional factories.

He also said that the 5G mobile phone era is facing huge opportunities and challenges. At present, the global smartphone industry is declining, but next year, 5G mobile phones will drive the wave of change. He also believes that the global smartphone industry will rekindle its growth.


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