Global app download reaches 29.6 billion in Q3 2019 – over 80% from top app makers

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Recently, Sensor Tower announced the latest data as of Q3 2019. According to the research organization, the global app download hit 29.6 billion in Q3. Interestingly, the top 1% of app publishers account for 80% of app downloads while other publishers have about 6 billion downloads (20%). This bottom 99%, which equates to roughly 784,080 publishers, averaged approximately 7,650 downloads each during the quarter. This is less than one-thousandth of a percent of the downloads Facebook generated in the quarter (682 million).

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In terms of games, the top 1% of publishers have over 9.1 billion downloads. This accounts for 82% of the total downloads of 11.1 billion. On average, each application has more than 8.4 million installations. The remaining 106,290 publishers account for 18%, and on average, each download was only about 18,000.

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In terms of revenue, total revenue for the quarter is $22 billion, and 1,526 publishers received $20.5 billion in revenue. The remaining 151,056 publishers earned $1.5 billion, averaging only about $9,990 per publisher. According to Sensor Tower, over the years, from the perspective of application installation and revenue, the share of the top 1% of publishers does not change significantly.

The global app download record shows an interesting trend in the app development industry. Its more like you are in, work hard, enter the 1% and make everything. For those who just bring an app, no maintenance, upgrade or support, there is every probability that you just get a few downloads, make a few bucks and that’s it.


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