Apple Doubling AirPods Pro Production Capacity

Apple AirPods Pro

Since its introduction, Apple AirPods headphones market performance has been good. The recently-launched (on October 30) AirPods Pro sales increased dramatically. And it is expected that this year total shipments will reach 60 million. May be due to this very optimistic sales situation, Apple recently asked the foundry to increase production capacity.

It was reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently submitted a Memorandum to all of the manufacturers. It requested the Chinese supplier (Lucent Precision) to double its output from the current 1 million per month to 2 million per month.  Lucent Precision currently has two factories for Apple AirPods Pro headphone production. It is unclear how they are going to increase production capacity – to open a new plant or hire more workers?

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In addition, the wireless charging box of the AirPods, which is assembled by Goertek in Vietnam, now also has increased capacity to meet higher demand for shipments. But AirPods’  current inventory is still gradually decreasing. At present, Apple has extended the delivery time of the AirPods to four weeks on China’s official website. So if you want to buy this product, it is best to buy it on third-party e-commerce platforms such as

Apple AirPods Pro

It is worth to say that Apple AirPods wireless headphones are the company’s fastest-growing products in recent years. This year, total shipments are about 60 million, and it is expected to reach 80 million by 2020. And soon, it will exceed 100 million mark.

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