Android 11 flight mode would be smarter

As the development of new system proceeds, we see the birth of new features that are meant to make operation better. According to a recent report, Android 11 will come with an innovative feature for Bluetooth & audio connections. With the next version of Android, Google will implement a small but very pleasing feature for Bluetooth connections. On Android 11, putting your phone on Flight Mode will not automatically deactivate Bluetooth.  Instead, the operating system would detect the status of the Bluetooth connection. If the connection is in use, it would remain active. However, if it is not in use as of the time you activate flight mode, it will be disconnected. This is a very important feature for an audio connection. 

Android 11 flight mode

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How is Android 11 new Flight mode feature relevant to audio connections?

Just because I switch my smartphone into flight mode, doesn’t mean that I want to end the Bluetooth connection with my headset. I may want to just want to enjoy music on my device and nothing else. In the current dispensation, this can not happen. Once Flight Mode is active, Bluetooth and other connecting medium go off. If, for example, the A2DP protocol (for audio) is active, the existing Bluetooth connection remains active despite flight mode.

This innovation is expected with Android 11, this is what the source code of the operating system suggests. However, it can happen sooner or later.


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