Xiaomi Watch gets a new “Forbidden City’ edition

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, has a host of smartwatches many of which are from third-party brands like Amazfit. However, it recently released its first direct smartwatch which is an upgrade of what it has over the years. Now, there are reports that Xiaomi has a special edition of what seems to be its second direct smartwatch. It is the “Forbidden City” edition of a new Xiaomi Watch. Recall that the last Xiaomi device to get a “Forbidden City” edition is the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. The Xiaomi Watch Forbidden City special edition is currently on crowdfunding for 1299 yuan ($186). The original price is 1699 yuan ($243).

Xiaomi Watch

According to reports, this watch uses a pure round dial, 1.3-inch OLED anti-scratch display, and a 71% screen ratio. It also uses an austenitic 316L stainless steel and it comes with a top-notch forging and engravement. 

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The watch uses an exclusive custom-made Forbidden City dial. The advanced intelligent voice feature allows you to change the dial just by moving your mouth. The strap is made of Italian cowhide leather and it has green and black colour options.

Xiaomi Watch

In other respects, this watch also supports messages, 400 mAh battery, 4GB ROM/512GB RAM, wristwatch quick notifications, scan code payment, NFC, automatic motion recognition, three satellite positioning systems, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, swimming-grade waterproof, AI personal assistant. In addition, the watch uses Google’s native WearOS system with built-in applications such as WeChat, QQ, Keep, and Netease Cloud Music.

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  1. josia mapame
    December 26, 2019

    Xiaomi is the best keep up the good work ,I can’t wait to wear this watch

  2. Tope Ogundele
    December 27, 2019

    Please, confirm information before posting. That’s not a Xiaomi watch, that’s Mobvoi’s TicWatch. Even if it’s a different language from English, can you please use a page translator instead of misinforming us?

    • TopNegro
      December 27, 2019

      There is nothing as bad as ignorance. Have you heard of Amazfit?, Yeelight? Dr. Bei?, Huami?, Wemax?

      All these are third party brands that Xiaomi collaborates with but the end product are still considered as “Xiaomi devices”

      Who makes the Mi Band series? Xiaomi? or Huami?

      Besides, the article says “what seems to be its second direct watch”

      That’s not a certain statement

      Just like the Amazfit watch is a Xiaomi watch, this Mobvoi watch is also a Xiaomi watch (It is currently on XiaomiYoupin Crowdfunding.

      While trying to lead, you end up misleading…smh

    • Tope Ogundele
      December 27, 2019

      As an author, I don’t think it’s necessary to insult your readers. This is an informative platform & if you don’t give correct info, should expect to be questioned & not attack but explain objectively.

      Back to the debate at hand, Xiaomi Youpin basically means Xiaomi Ecological Chain & all the products there aren’t solely owned by Xiaomi. It’s like a multiseller store with crowdfunding features as explained on Gearbest in the picture attached. I believe you had a link to the crowdfunding page on this post before it was removed. Kindly visot page & convert to English to see that it is not a Xiaomi product. Here’s a link to the page just in case bit.ly/2ZskfdV (link shortened due to character limit)

      Also find in the link below, another blog post from a different platform with the “correct” info bit.ly/2ZpAMQ0 No, I am not affiliated to the author & found the post just now after I searched for “TicWatch Forbidden City Xiaomi Youpin”. I’ve been an avid reader of Gizchina since 2011 & became a fan when it helped me make the decision to buy my Cube T9 tablet in 2015. So, this isn’t about you but about good content.

      PS: Huami is not owned by Xiaomi, Xiaomi is a major share holder in the company as it incubated it, & Huami was the sole provider of wearable tech for Xiaomi before they launched their Xiaomi Mi Watch late this year.

      Please, let’s educate each other with good content so that we can all grow together. Besides, it’s also fine if we all make a mistakes.

    • TopNegro
      December 27, 2019

      Somehow you still don’t know what “Xiaomi Ecological Chain” mean

      You still don’t know that an Ecological chain are products affiliated to the company. Please note that XiaomiYoupin will NOT crowdfund a product that Xiaomi has not verified. In 95% of cases, Xiaomi is involved in the manufacturing process…

      Even your Gearbest screenshot shoots you in the foot “both quality and sales have Xiaomi’s deep participation or complete control”

      If Xiaomi does not participate DEEPLY, the product can’t be on Youpin.

      Talking about Huami, I never said it was owned by Xiaomi.

      I don’t exactly understand your first statement but I will just ignore it…

      You may have started following GizChina before me (2013) but I HATE it when ignorant readers try to claim knowledge.

      I’ve also browsed for this product online and several platforms considers it a Xiaomi watch which it actually is…good for marketing as well as sales. If you don’t know much, it’s best to keep mute rather than show your ignorance in public

    • Tope Ogundele
      December 27, 2019

      Dear Efe. Kindly stop insulting people when you debate with them, it’s a tactic people who can’t or will not hold an objective debate use. If you do not understand that you should not insult people in a debate, then I think we’re all really wasting our time as your readers; if our author would rather not review his information but insult us if we point out mistakes.

      Back to the debate, I’ll like you to read on quality assurance for product manufacturing, maybe you’ll understand that if a company does quality assurance for a product, they do not own it. If you had a crowdfunding platform whose major target audience is a customer-centric consumer market, would it not be in your best interest to run quality assurance on products slated to be on your platform?

      Also, please check your blog post, is there one place where you wrote the name of the manufacturer of the watch. Did you even say TicWatch in conjunction with Xiaomi? No, you wrote Xiaomi like it is theirs. I’m not even going to reply this again since I now understand that you’ve taking it personal & it’ll be difficult for you to objectively review your own content.

      PS: Stop editting posts and comments after someone else has replied to them, it’s unprofessional and also misleads your readers.

    • TopNegro
      December 27, 2019

      You are even more ignorant than I thought. Now I understand your ignorant thought…you actually think I’m Efe. You are just full of cr*p. African champion as usual who knows NOTHING

      I’ve had the privilege of chatting with Efe once on Facebook and I don’t think he will time to respond to dingbats…

      I’ve chatted him up on Facebook and I hope he joins this conversation…


    • Pierre GizChina
      December 29, 2019

      Mistakes happen and this is one. The other person replying isn’t affiliated with us at GizChina, so be aware of that.

      Albeit on Xiaomi Youpin, the smartwatch is indeed from Mobvoi and it should have been reported so. Will let the author know. Thanks for the feedback!