Android 11: dark mode will automatically activate at sunset

Android 11

Android 11 introduces a new feature that enables dark mode based on the time of day. This mode will automatically apply at sunset and will deactivate at sunrise. We explain how it works.

Google has just published the first Developer Preview of Android 11. It’s an opportunity to discover the main innovations brought by the new version of the OS to the little green robot. One of them caught our attention. It is the planning of the dark mode according to the hours chosen by the user. Also, they can leave the choice of these hours to the discretion of the system.

In other words, Android 11 can decide on its own when to activate the dark theme by automatically calculating the time of sunset based on the location of each user. This feature had already been spotted a few weeks ago by the experts at XDA Developers. Do not confuse it with the night mode planning that exists from Android Nougat.

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Android 11: dark mode will automatically activate at sunset

The principle remains the same, however. In the dark mode management menu, it will be possible to program it either automatically (personalized hours) or according to the sunrise and sunset.

“Calculating sunrises/sunsets is very difficult, especially for locations near the north/south poles,” said Chris Banes, a developer from Google a few weeks ago. The functionality was affected by bugs due to a specific Android component called CalendarAstronomer, which is why Google did not offer dark mode programming in the final version of Android 10.

The firm explained that these bugs could harm the user experience by suddenly restarting applications while you are using them. The problem is now resolved and the option arrives in Android 11 for the pleasure of the users who asked for it. What do you think about this new functionality?. Will you use it on a daily basis.

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